Addiction affects most of us, either personally or through someone we know. It has a major and increasing impact on our communities and nation.

Drug, alcohol and other addictions invariably result in physical and mental health problems, relationship and family breakdown, poverty, debt, homelessness and unemployment. For some this leads to violence, criminality, imprisonment, hopelessness and early death. Fear, guilt, shame and denial stop many from seeking help.

Recovery Communities aims to help Churches provide effective support for people and families struggling with addictions. To match compassion with competence.

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Learn how to welcome and support people struggling with addictions who may already be within the orbit of the Church community.

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Set up a basic drop-in service for people with addictions, families and guests. Features of the Welcome Programme are also included.

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Recovery Centre

Support individuals, families and communities struggling with addictions through a Day Centre. Welcome and Outreach programme features included.

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