Caring and supporting people who are struggling with addictions and helping to restore them to wholeness of life is an integral part of the Church’s mission.

Christians need to be trained and equipped for this challenging ministry so compassion is matched with competence. A key challenge is to help recovery whilst avoiding situations where helpers and people needing help might be hurt or further damaged.

Reaching out to people whose lives are blighted by addictions presents a huge opportunity and challenge. Current reductions in State funding means that local authorities, who are legally responsible for providing addiction services, are increasingly looking for support. The Church is made up of people who are saved by grace, know God’s love and are energised by the Holy Spirit – the ideal community to welcome people impacted by addictions!

Recovery Communities is being formed out of a vision and conviction that equipping Churches to help people with addictions is an urgent call from the Holy Spirit in reaching out to our Nation.

Linking with others including Jubilee+, the ISAAC network and the Evangelical Alliance, Recovery Communities aims to harness the amazing work of many Christian and other agencies and to partner with many Churches and groups of Churches.

Covid19 has changed our launch plans but we are actively advising Churches and supporting addictions recovery training. Please contact us if we can help or if you’d like to chat about things.

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